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them within an hour. you wanted them today. we started that in one city and rolled it out to three, then five and we'll go to 25 next year. things like touch screen, touch glass windows, we'll slowly roll it out as we get the consumer experience right. >> what about the perception problem? a lot of people still think ebay is auction. you're much more than that. that's what they still think. >> the proof is in the pudding. 70% to 80% of our items are fixed price. you see more and more people coming to ebay. the growth has been accelerating all year long. more and more consumers are coming to ebay. they are telling their friends. perception takes time to change but we see consumers responding. >> what is the goal? to be amazon or something different than amazon? >> well, we're very different in that our focus is on nabling commerce. >> are we to assume that anything we want should be available on ebay? >> yes, anything you want. including, we're partnering with retailers all over the world. we don't compete with them. you can go on ebay today and get things from bail sellers in the
it in kindergarten. in astoria, first grade. a, first grade. today, thisd states morning, the city of chicago announced a partnership with us, computer science is going to become a core subject in every school in the city of chicago. the city of chicago is leading the country. the city of new york announced a partnership with is, i live inion san francisco, why is it san francisco, the bay area leading the country when it is a place where all the technology is created? how come our schools do not have computer science? why is it that only one or two cities? >> fascinating things. interesting to see chicago. you learn to vote early and code early. li, thank you. heading to the apple store? technology could be tracking you. on yourlic concierge iphone. that story next. ♪ >> welcome back. using a new location technology to track a shopper's location inside of its retail stores known as ibeacon. about appletion products as they walked through the store. jon erlichman full stop is this creepy or cool or both? -- jon erlichman. -- is this creepy or cool or both? >> it could be both. the
is in three cities, we partner with retailers so that when you have a situation and you want something to date like these gloves and you do not want to waste the afternoon away or have it delivered to you tomorrow, you want it now. you go to ebay now and order the gloves and the courier will have it to you within an hour. >> when i tell us more about how it is going? i download the app. there are a few reviews. >> we are building the consumer experience. when you build a new experience, you have got to get the experience right. the consumers that are using it like it a lot. it is evidence that we think it is successful. we have expanded it from one market to three and to five. we just buy a company called shuttle that will help us expand to more cities across the u.s. >> amazon made a lot of headlines a few days ago talking about deliveries by drones. they are working on octocopters. >> no, we're not focusing on long-term fantasy. we are focusing on things that will change that consumer experience. >> other companies are also experimenting with delivery. there are upstarts. how do you have an
. we rolled it out and now we have it in five cities. it will go to 25 next year. we started in one or two regions and we will slowly roll it out. >> what about the perception problem? a lot of people feel like ebay is an auction. you are much more than that, but that is still what they think. >> 80% of our items are fixed price. you see more and more people coming to ebay. our new active user growth has been accelerating all year long. more consumers are coming to ebay. they like what they see and they are telling their friends. that will take time to change, but the real experience is a great one and we see consumers and responding. >> is the goal to beat amazon? >> we're very different. our focus is on enabling commerce. >> should we assume that anything we want will be available on ebay? >> yes. anything you want. you we are partnering with and retailers all around the world. we do not compete with them. you can get things from sellers in the united states, things and in the united states, things from sellers all over the world. you can get things from best buy, who lists on eba
to sign for contracts. like innd problem is shanghai telecoms, you can't ge you're fromt if another city without paying a huge deposit. some other operators have been rolling out data service plans. those that decide to sign up are going to them to get the high end smart phones. bebeing big can sometimes bad if you draw attention to the fact you have so many subscribers. >> chinamobil's market share dropped the last three years. the competition is fierce. where thethird plenum government met, they'll try to stop the dominance. up may see a potential break ared to move gerae up. that's why it hasn't done well the last several years. >> what can you tell us about demand for home-grown names? the rise of products like lenovo? >> that's a great question. product,ths the cool it was also a major gifting purchase. like rolex. but what we've seen is the high end samsung galaxy line and domestic manufactureres. they're gaining market share. lenovo opened up a test center where people can play with products. they're cheaper and almost as good in many cases. i was interviewing banks, and they're b
, but his road to success started in one of the most unlikely of places. >> he was born in a city in china. his parents were factory workers. he had four sisters. he was the only boy out of five kids but was interested in computers. >> he headed to the united states in 1991, earning a masters degree. >> i think robin had at least two things going for him. he understood very early the importance of search. he is educated in the u.s. >> after a decade in the u.s., li returned to china. together they created what has been known as the google of china. >> we can combine that with internet growth overall. >> his friends and family says his devotion to baidu the finds him. he has been noted for falling asleep in his car after work. he has also picked up some influential friends along the way like bill gates, alibaba, and a few enemies, too. >> they are competitors. in 2004, larry page and sergei brin went to visit. baidu with careful not to reveal too much. >> regardless of how he is seen, li is worth $12 billion. he came above eric schmidt on the billionaire list more than two decades after he
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)